Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have hail damage?

  • Hail damage to your roof typically is not visible from the ground. Therefore, it is best to have a trained professional inspect your roof (at no charge!)

Will you meet with my insurance representative?

  • We do offer the service of meeting with your insurance representative for our customers. This ensures all the damages found in your inspection will be pointed out to your adjuster. We work with all insurance companies.

It’s been suggested that I get estimates concerning storm damage, is this normal procedure?

  • While estimates traditionally are the best idea, in the case of storm damage, you are looking for professional representation to help negotiate with your insurance company to insure all costs are met to do your job thoroughly and completely. Ask your DEI representative to assist you in negotiating all costs directly with your insurance adjuster.

What kind of material do you use?

  • We use only contractor grade materials sold by professional suppliers. No generic brands!